" Against my will, in the course of my travels, the belief that everything worth knowing was known at Cambridge gradually wore off. In this respect my travels were very useful to me. "
Bertrand Russell

Back in the day


Gamal Abdel Nasser Seizes Power in Egypt

Nasser was an Egyptian army officer and political leader and the first president of the republic of Egypt (1956–70). During his period of rule, Nasser instituted a program of land reform and economic and social development known as Arab socialism, but it was the completion (1970) of the Aswan Dam that was the crowning achievement of his regime. How did Nasser's nationalization of the Suez Canal precipitate an international crisis?



Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand is the highest peak in the Middle East with an elevation of 5,610 m (18, 405 ft). It is located in Iran in the middle of the Alborz mountain range, near the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. In Zoroastrian texts and mythology, the three-headed dragon Aži Dahaka is chained within this dormant volcano, there to remain until the end of the world. In Persian mythology, the mountain is where Zahhak the Dragon King is slain by what hero?

Born on a day like today


Lucrezia Borgia

Lucrezia was an Italian noblewoman and daughter of Pope Alexander VI. Her family came to epitomize the ruthless Machiavellian politics and sexual corruption allegedly characteristic of the Renaissance papacy, but rumors of her participation in her family's poison plots and of incestuous relations with her father and brother have not been proved. Nevertheless, Lucrezia is often viewed as a femme fatale, and has been portrayed as such in many works of art. What are some examples?

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