" In New York City, everyone is an exile, none more so than the Americans. "
Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Back in the day


Anschluss: German Troops Occupy Austria

Anschluss is the German term that designated the incorporation of Austria into Germany in the 1930s. It was first advocated by Austrian Social Democrats and prohibited in the 1919 peace treaty of St. Germain. After Hitler's rise to power, the Nazis adopted the idea and occupied Austria in March, 1938, annexing it as the province of Ostmark. What declaration, signed by the US, USSR, and UK before the end of WWII, declared Germany's annexation null and void?



Apgar Score

The Apgar Score is a system of evaluating a newborn's physical condition, generally done at one and five minutes after birth, where a value from 0 to 2 is assigned to each of five criteria: heart rate, respiratory effort, muscle tone, response to stimuli, and skin color. The values are summed up and the resulting score ranges from 0 to 10. Scores below 3 are generally regarded as critically low, with 4 to 7 fairly low, and over 7 generally normal. What does the acronym APGAR stand for?

Born on a day like today


Gustav Kirchhoff

Gustav Kirchhoff was a German physicist who contributed to the fundamental understanding of electrical circuits, spectroscopy, and the emission of black-body radiation by heated objects. Two sets of independent concepts in both circuit theory and thermal emission are named "Kirchhoff's laws" after him. In 1861, while studying the chemical composition of the sun, he co-discovered what elements?

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