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Francis Bacon

Back in the day


Marbury v. Madison Establishes Judicial Review

Marbury v. Madison was a landmark case in US law that resulted in the first decision by the Supreme Court to declare unconstitutional and void an act passed by Congress that the Court considered in violation of the Constitution. It established the basis for the exercise of judicial review of federal statutes by the US Supreme Court, thus rendering it an equal partner among the three branches of the US federal government. How many justices participated in this decision?



Flea Market

Flea markets, also known as swap meets, are semi-spontaneous gatherings of buyers and vendors of usually second-hand goods in open-market layouts. Some flea markets offer concerts and carnival-type events in order to attract shoppers. The original flea market is likely the extant Marché aux puces in the northern suburbs of Paris, named after the flea-infested clothing and rags originally sold there in the 17th century. What is a car boot sale?

Born on a day like today


Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

Charles V was the influential 16th century European monarch who, as a member or the Hapsburg dynasty, held the thrones of both the Holy Roman Empire and Spain for approximately 40 years. He played a key role against Protestantism during the Reformation and was an ardent supporter of the Counter-Reformation that followed on its heels. He also fought several wars against France and the Ottoman Empire before abdicating in 1556. What saying about the British Empire originated with him?

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