" Example is more powerful than precept. "

Back in the day


Director Skips Bail and Flees to France

Internationally renowned director Roman Polanski's films are marked by depictions of dramatic, sexually charged situations, alienation, and black humor. A survivor of the Holocaust, he became an actor, producer, and director, arriving in Hollywood in 1968. A year after his arrival the Charles Manson "family" murdered his pregnant wife. In 1978, he fled to France to avoid sentencing after pleading guilty to statutory rape. He recently received an Academy Award for his work on what film?




Quinoa is a tall annual herb whose seeds have provided a staple food for peoples of the higher Andes since pre-Columbian times. In the Inca Empire, where only the potato was more widely grown, quinoa is said to have been sacred; the year's first furrows were opened ceremoniously with a gold implement. Why has the United Nations classified quinoa as a "supercrop?"

Born on a day like today


Boris Yeltsin

Yeltsin ran as a radical reformer and became Russia's first democratically elected president in 1991. He moved to end state control of the economy and privatize most enterprise, soon after which skyrocketing prices, heavy taxes, and a deep credit crunch produced a protracted depression. In 1993, Yeltsin's suspension of parliament provoked a constitutional crisis that resulted in a ten-day conflict causing 187 deaths. He was re-elected in 1996 with support from whom?

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