" Exuberance is beauty. "
H.G. Wells

Back in the day


King Henry VIII Marries Fourth Wife

Anne of Cleves was Henry VIII's fourth wife, whom Henry found physically unattractive, calling her a "Flanders Mare." They married on January 6, 1540, but Henry decided to annul the marriage soon after. Queen Anne wisely cooperated, testifying that their marriage had never been consummated. The Earl of Essex, however, who had arranged the marriage, fell out of favor with the king and was beheaded on July 28, 1540. That same day, Henry married his fifth wife; what was her name?




Phrenology is the study of the shape of the human skull in order to draw conclusions about particular character traits and mental faculties. The theory was developed around 1800 by the German physiologist Franz Joseph Gall and popularized in the US through the publication of the Phrenological Almanac. Modern neurology and physical anthropology have refuted the theory and consider its use a form of quackery. What is the difference between phrenology and craniometry?

Born on a day like today


Sun Myung Moon

Sun Myung Moon established the Unification Church in South Korea in 1954 and introduced the movement to the United States in the 1960s. He is considered a controversial figure; he claims to be the Messiah, and he has been accused of destroying families by encouraging youth to break contact with the outside world. In 1982, he was convicted of what crime?

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