" A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. "
Mark Twain

Back in the day


Jackie Robinson Retires

Robinson was the first African-American player in the modern major leagues and the first African American to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 1949 he won the National League batting crown, hitting .342, and was named the NL's most valuable player. In recognition of his accomplishments both on the field and off, every major league baseball team retired what number?



Emeril Lagasse

Emeril Lagasse is a celebrity chef and restaurateur best known for his TV show Emeril Live, which is one of the Food Network's highest-rated programs. He is known for his light and jovial hosting style and for his signature exclamation, "BAM!," which he uses while cooking. Lagasse gained fame when his restaurant, "Emeril's," in New Orleans, Louisiana, was named Esquire magazine's "Restaurant of the Year" in 1990. He has appeared on what television shows?

Born on a day like today


Julio Garavito Armero

Armero was a Colombian astronomer who studied celestial mechanics and discovered how lunar fluctuations affect weather, floods, polar ice, and the Earth's orbital acceleration. He also contributed widely to research on comets and solar eclipses and, later, lectured on economics and population growth. The Garavito lunar crater is named after him. He was a member of what secret scientific society?

Last updated on Friday, 5th January 2007

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