" Sir, money, money, the most charming of all things; money, which will say more in one moment than the most elegant lover can in years. Perhaps you will say a man is not young; I answer he is rich. He is not genteel, handsome, witty, brave, good-humoured, but he is rich, rich, rich, rich, rich--that one word contradicts everything you can say against him. "
Henry Fielding

Back in the day


Roberto Clemente Dies in Plane Crash

Roberto Clemente played 18 seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates, winning the National League MVP award in 1966. In 1973, he became the second Hispanic-American player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Clemente, who was dedicated to charity work, was traveling to Nicaragua to deliver aid to earthquake victims when his plane crashed off the coast of Puerto Rico. How has Puerto Rico honored him?



Special Effects

Special effects are cinematographic techniques used in the film and television industries to visualize scenes that cannot be achieved by normal means, such as space travel. Common examples are the use of rear-screen projections, in which previously photographed material is projected behind the actors; the filming of miniature objects in such a way as to make them look life-size; and the use of animation techniques. What is "morphing"?

Born on a day like today


Simon Wiesenthal

Wiesenthal was a Nazi hunter who devoted his life to tracking down fugitive war criminals. During WWII, he was sent to a forced labor camp and several concentration camps. By the time he was liberated by US troops in 1945, 89 of his relatives had been slaughtered. Wiesenthal devoted the rest of his life to identifying Nazis and bringing them to justice. Among his most high-profile successes was the capture of Karl Silberbauer, the Gestapo officer responsible for the arrest of whom?

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