" A pure hand needs no glove to cover it. "
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Back in the day


World's Worst Industrial Disaster Occurs in India

The accidental release of methyl isocyanate into the city of Bhopal, India, from a Union Carbide India, Ltd. pesticide plant killed thousands of people and injured between 150,000 and 600,000. Of those injured, at least 15,000 later died from their injuries. Recent documents, which came to light during a lawsuit against the company involved in the disaster, reveal that Carbide had exported "untested, unproven technology" to India. What did a 2004 BBC investigation find at the disaster site?




Famagusta is a city located in Eastern Cyprus. It occupies the site of ancient Arsinoë, built in the 3rd century BCE by the Egyptian king Ptolemy II. It was a refugee center for Christians after Acre fell to the Saracens in 1291. As a British naval base, the city was heavily bombed in WWII, and from 1946-1948 a British internment camp for illegal Jewish immigrants to Palestine was maintained near the city. Famagusta is thought to be the scene of Acts II through V of what Shakespearean play?

Born on a day like today


Jean-Luc Godard

Godard was one of the founders of the French New Wave movement in cinema in the 1960s. He used radical stylistic tools, including non-linear narratives, and tended to deal with taboo subjects like sexuality and political conflict. Godard's many films include Pierrot le Fou, Tout va bien, and Masculin, Feminin. Which of his films uses the structure of Dante's Divine Comedy?

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