" God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. "
Rudyard Kipling

Back in the day


Restoration of Colonial Williamsburg Begins

The restoration of Colonial Williamsburg, one of the largest historic restorations ever undertaken, was championed by the Reverend Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin and John D. Rockefeller, Jr., who wanted to celebrate the early history of America. Today, Colonial Williamsburg is almost completely restored. It features shops, taverns, and open-air markets in the colonial style, and it has become a popular tourist destination. Of the approximately 500 buildings in the historic area, how many are original?



Synthetic Diamond

Diamond simulants are materials with gemological characteristics resembling those of real diamonds. Simulants are distinct from synthetic diamonds, which, unlike simulants, have material properties identical to those of natural diamonds. The most common diamond simulants are high-leaded glass, or rhinestones, and cubic zirconia, both artificial materials. The most historically notable natural simulant of diamond is what mineral that has been mined in Sri Lanka for over 2,000 years?

Born on a day like today


James Agee

Agee was an American novelist, screenwriter, journalist, poet, and film critic who worked for Fortune, Time, and The Nation. His first major book, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, a commentary on the life of tenant farmers in the South in the 1930s, is ranked among the greatest literary works of the 20th Century by the NY School of Journalism and the NY Public Library. His second major book, A Death in the Family, won the Pulitzer Prize. What is the book based on?

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