" Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory. "
Sun Tzu

Back in the day


Ceiling of Sistine Chapel Completed

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is decorated with nine episodes from Genesis, painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512. Below these scenes are the statuesque figures of prophets and sibyls, with episodes from the Old Testament in the spandrels. Contrary to popular belief, Michelangelo painted standing up on a scaffold, not lying on his back. The last great work he executed in the chapel was The Last Judgment. Where in the chapel did he paint it?




Reggae is a form of Jamaican popular music that developed in the 1960s among Kingston's poor blacks. It draws on American "soul" music and traditional African and Jamaican folk music as well as ska, Jamaican, and British dance-hall music. Many of reggae's highly political songs proclaim the tenets of the Rastafarian religious movement. Instrumentation usually includes an ensemble of organ, piano, drums, and electric guitars, led by an electric bass played at high volume. What is "roots reggae?"

Born on a day like today


Alexander Alekhine

Alekhine was one of the world's great chess champions. He gained the rank of master at age 16, and in 1927, by a surprising defeat of Capablanca at Buenos Aires, became world champion. In 1930 at San Remo, Italy, he did not lose a single game in a tournament that included all of the major European players. In 1935 he lost the championship to Max Euwe but regained it in 1937 and kept it until his death. Several openings and opening variations are named after him. Why was he imprisoned in 1919?

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