" I believe I'm a better authority than anybody else in America on my own wife. I have never known a person with a stronger sense of right and wrong in my life—ever. "
Bill Clinton

Back in the day


North Korea Signs Agreement to End Nuclear Program

The US-North Korean Nuclear Pact included a pledge from North Korea to abandon its nuclear program in exchange for massive economic aid from Japan, South Korea, and the US. In 2002, North Korea admitted to violating this agreement, and, in 2003, the agreement largely broke down when North Korea withdrew from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, claiming that economic aid had been inadequate. What are the Six-party talks?



Rice Paddy

Rice paddies are flooded parcels of arable land used for growing rice and other semiaquatic crops. They are a typical feature of rice-growing countries of east and southeast Asia, where they occur naturally along rivers, or are constructed. The water in the paddies prevents weeds from outgrowing the crop, and once the rice has established dominance of the field, the water can be drained in preparation for harvest. What is the origin of the word "paddy?"

Born on a day like today


Alfred Nobel

Nobel was a Swedish chemist and engineer who invented dynamite, the smokeless powder Ballistite, and an explosive gelatin more powerful than dynamite. In his last will, he left his enormous fortune in trust for the endowment of the Nobel Prizes, which continue to recognize outstanding achievements in the fields of science, literature, economics, and peace. What was the content of the prematurely published obituary that is said to have made Nobel resolve to leave a better legacy?

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